Looking for Home or Nanny Cam?


Looking for All-in-one Pet Monitor?


Detailed Megapixel Technology

See exactly what your pet gets up to while you are away from home


Super Wide Coverage

Opt for the super wide lens option for the maximum detail capturing and minimal dead spots.


Long range night vision

Smart Infrared Technology automatically controls the IR sensitivity based on object’s distance.


Works on any low light conditions

Optimizes image quality in a variety of lighting conditions, producing clear, crisp, and accurate images


Designed for High Risk

SuperIPCams shine in many business implementations globally, like banks and manufacturing facilities, etc.


Professional CMS & Storages

Top performing Network Video Recorders are power horses of management and recording.


About SuperIPCam

SuperIPcam is a professional, solid IP Surveillance Solution scalable for mega establishments and suitable for smaller offices & shops. Security Cameras are viewable and manageable online using NVR software, App or web browser on PC or MAC and any smart phone, iPhone, Blackberry, iPad,  anywhere in the world.

For Businesses & Homes

Our award winning Wireless Network Security Cameras come from the UK with a development team of dedicated experts and an app for every platform. Even base models come with standard features as Motion detection, Email and FTP Alerts, Secure Wireless Connectivity, Viewing on Mobile Phone and Full PC/Mac Compatibility. Different Models have special features to satisfy different requirements.

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